Wizert Math Experts Recommend these Math Apps for Students with Math Phobia [Part 2]

Mar 24, 2021

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#6. Calculords

Math can turn out to be quite tricky if you fail to understand the basic concepts related to it. Therefore, I would always advise students to brush up their basic mathematical knowledge before they progress on towards more mature levels!

And when you make efforts to strengthen your basic skillsets in math, the app known as Calculords would definitely be your best bet.
The app is quite resourceful if you are looking forward to working on elementary school-level arithmetic. You would pick up elementary Math skills through a series of unique activities like deck-building, lane defense, and much more. All you are required to do in the game available in this app is: add, subtract, and even multiply numbers to weaken your enemies!

The best thing about this app is that you start earning brand new cards every time you manage to score a new victory.
As you are on a mission to restore the demolished earth (as your planet has been destroyed by an evil monster known as the ‘Hate Bit’), you embark on an exciting adventure that compels you to work with Math concepts!

#7. Math Drills Lite

Generally, students, who are ‘Math-haters’, are terrified by the very idea of the simplest of calculations – be it division, subtraction, multiplication, or addition.

‘Math Drills Lite’ permits you to solve various sorts of Math problems with the aid of wooden blocks, number lines, hints and facts. Visual learners would be capable of gaining the maximum benefit from this app, as the app boasts of special themes that help students absorb the Math ideas more swiftly.

It helps students in multiple ways.

#8. Monkey Math School Sunshine

This app is specially designed for students aged between three and six.
Every Math students must explore this app as it comprises some really interesting features that involve:

  • As much as nine interactive games that go a long way in teaching children the processes of subtracting, patterning, counting, sequencing and others
  • Your child would fall in love with a monkey (who is really cute) that guides your child in an intelligent manner as he proceeds with the game
  • Animated expressions of the monkey in response to your child’s victory or any kind of progress.
  • Children would be able to collect awards for the purpose of filling their ‘interactive aquarium’.
  • Unlimited scope of indulging in fun-filled game sessions.
  • Multiple-choice questions for students.

#9. Team Umizoomi Math

If you are a pre-school Math teacher, the app called ‘Team Umizoomi Math’ would prove to be a worthy learning resource for you!
Using the app, students can learn about different Mathematical topics like rote counting, number symbols, identifying numbers, basic-level Math like subtraction and addition and so on. The Math problems are arranged in increasing order of their difficulty.

Let us take a sneak peek into some of its games here:

  • Rolling Toy Parade: a game that enhances skills in number line concept
  • Number Bubbles: an identification game of numbers
  • Up! Up! And balloons!: a game that includes addition as well as subtraction
  • Race around Umi City: a comparison game of numbers
  • Toy Store: a game that enables kids to practice counting

The curriculum developed for the problems of this app has been carefully planned by education experts belonging to pre-school levels.

#10. Math Bingo

Being widely popular among a large number of elementary school students, Math Bingo is a powerful motivator that can work wonders for kids who are averse to Mathematics.

If you are capable of solving certain Math problems accurately, you would be rewarded with as many as five ‘Bingo Bugs’!

Oh yes, it is much different from most other Math apps. After all, it boasts of over a million players. Now let me acquaint with some of the exclusive features of this particular app:

  • Three additional bonus games that are really fun
  • Five bingo games that would improve your proficiency in division, addition, subtraction, multiplication as well as mixed Math problems containing all kinds of calculations
  • As many as twelve cartoon characters
  • Three levels of difficulty in the Bingo games including Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Features of a report card portraying the scores of the player

You would come across a feedback that is displayed at the very bottom of the game screen, while at the top of the screen, you would notice the Math problems.

So, that’s more or less like it. We will expand this list soon in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more.


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