Wizert Math Experts Recommend these Math Apps for Students with Math Phobia [Part 1]

Mar 22, 2021

The very thought of spending a cheerful evening solving problems on Trigonometry is enough to replace the smiles of most learners with an inevitable shade of sorrow. Or, more specifically, ‘horror’! Since ages, thousands of students have been struggling to come to terms with this seemingly ‘toughest subject’ – working feverishly through Algebraic equations and Calculus problems.  

Yet, Mathematics continue to remain an untamed beast for a majority of pupils even to this day.

With the passage of time, several techniques have been proposed by Math experts that might be able to help students alleviate the fears associated with this subject. Some of them included relating certain concepts of Math with practical, daily solutions. On the other hand, some others involve treating ‘Math like a friend’ and practicing Mathematical problems regularly.

While some of these tactics have proved to be successful, Math is yet to emerge as a subject that is universally admired by learners.

Why Math Continues to Ring the Alarm Bells for Students

This is largely due to the perception that Math is unreasonably ‘scary’ and possesses a tendency to betray you at the last moment while you are writing your Math paper. You might have invested at least two hours a day since the last three months prior to your Math exam – only to discover yourself striking your pen gently on your forehead, attempting to solve a problem by applying a formula that you had practiced ten times during your preparation.

I agree, these are the times when frustration creeps into your system, paralyzing your brain cells. Consequently, you are incapable of concentrating on the simplest of Math concepts.

Having said that, I would request you not to lose heart, dear students.

Technology to Befriend Math

Today, you can overcome your Math anxiety and transform it into an ardent love for this subject, thanks to innumerable apps. These apps have been developed with an aim to eliminate the stress related to Math that is undoubtedly experienced by many students. And they enable students to grow an affinity with the subject.

Naturally, the fusion of technology and Math has been observed to bring about a marked impact on their Math-learning skills, making it a fun and enjoyable experience!

Mathematics Apps for Students with Math Phobia

This has been possible due to the development of numerous student-friendly apps that have been facilitating the process of imbibing Math education in an interesting format.

Let me share some of the best apps that can guide students to get over that math phobia.

#1. Kids Math

Games is probably one of the most effective teaching techniques, especially when it comes to Math!

You must have noticed how gamification has taken the world of education by storm. The app, known as ‘Kids Math’, leverages the utility of game-based learning by making kids grasp mathematics concepts through different games. You would come across three sorts of cool games in this app:

  • Sum Finder
  • Kids Math Test
  • Math-matching Game  

The last game is extremely beneficial for training students in boosting their memory. After all, math is all about memorizing various kinds of formulae and applying them in different scenarios to come to the perfect solution.

You would find eight levels in the app, each comprising ten questions based on Math.
Users would be offered a particular time frame to complete solving these questions. Each question should be completed in a time span of thirty seconds. The player would receive four additional seconds for each accurate answer.

#2. Let’s do the Math

I bet most teachers and parents wish their children spent quality time in working out math problems. When I was a high-school student, I remember my Math teacher compelling me to practice a minimum of fifty Calculus problems every day, as my home assignment.

The assignment was particularly meant for students who ended up with miserable grades in their Math exams.

Nowadays, students who share a common hatred for Math can try out the ‘Let’s do the Math’ app together. It is an excellent app that permits users to immerse themselves in Math sessions for a long time. Every problem in the app generally has at least fifty words.
A fun app for most students with Math phobia, Let’s Do the Math improves the quantitative skills of learners in the areas of subtraction and addition.

The app employs flash cards, which play a crucial role in capturing the attention of students.

Similar to the features of the Kids Math app, this app is also enriched with a few games that would help kids learn sums faster!

#3. Mathly Hollows

Just imagine.

A terrible monster attacks you and the only way you can escape its clutches is: applying your Math skills!

This is exactly the challenge you need to confront as you use the ‘Mathly Hollows’ app. For each appropriate Math solution you come up with, you would be rewarded with pet monsters and powerful friends in your adventure. Do not underestimate the potential of this amazing app, dear parents and teachers. For, it would come to the rescue of your kids in more ways than one:

  • Enhance the expertise of your children in mental Math
  • Train students in developing essential memory skills that would enable them to memorize important formulae
  • Include a progress report as well as a ‘parent page’ to display the progress of the users
  • Make kids practice Mathematical concepts based on the curriculum of Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Increase the speed of students in solving math problems

#4. Mathmateer

‘Mathmateer’ is quite reputed as an app that is specially designed for elementary school kids.

I am sure your pupil would be fascinated by the idea of creating a rocket ship and launching the device into space.
Innovative, isn’t it?

Conceptualized by ‘Appolicious’, an app directory, Mathmateer contains interesting games that strive to clarify the basic concepts and ideas of Math to primary school students.

For instance, your kids would be lucky enough to be able to learn about square roots, fractions, and even recognize the different patterns and shapes.

Some of the exciting features of this app include:

  • More than ninety attractive rocket parts
  • Arithmetic games comprising three levels of difficulties
  • Over fifteen avatars based on ‘space theme’
  • Beautiful sound effects
  • Creating as many as five different user profiles
  • Fun Math missions that are so strikingly unique every time

Children would enjoy using this app to navigate through objects afloat in the space that consist of things like coins, stars, and three dimensional shapes.

#5. Wolfram Alpha

As a teacher, I am certain that you have observed how some students falter at topics like statistics or other types of complex mathematical ideas. In such a scenario, you might consider turning to apps like ‘Wolfram Alpha’ for assistance. And let me tell you, you will never be disappointed!

Are your students confused in simple calculations or numbers?

Problems belonging to topics ranging from Probability, Trigonometry, Calculus, and others would appear simpler to students if they dedicate time to this particular app. Not only is it convenient for students, but it is also quite effectual for most learners who fear Math!

Some of the Math topics your kids would learn after utilizing this app are:

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Applied Math
  • Matrices
  • Calculus
  • Elementary Mathematical topics
  • Geometry
  • Number Theory
  • Plotting
  • Regression
  • Probability
  • Statistics

So, that’s more or less like it. We are going come up with a second part of this post soon. Stay tuned and keep checking this space from time to time.


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