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Jan 23, 2021

How many of you are fond of teaching students? If your answer is yes, then I have a great idea for you. Why not try offering private tuitions? Today, private tutors are in high demand not only in UK, but various parts of the world. Teaching tutees can be really interesting and a noble profession.

But, private tutors must be skilled enough to handle all kinds of learners. Because, each child is different, just like the size of every finger on our hand differs. Some learners might be more intelligent and great in Math. On the other hand, some students might be slow learners or weak in grammar or Math.

That’s exactly who tutors must tailor-make their tutorial sessions such that it caters to the needs of all kinds of students. The best tutor is the one who understands his student and can identify his weaknesses as well as strengths. And, is also patient with his pupil. Continue reading to know some of the best tips for private tutors:

  • Motivate students to participate: Some students tend to be nervous in one-to-one coaching environments. As a tutor, you must handle them with utmost patience. This instills self-confidence in them and encourages them to contribute. Appreciate them when they display signs of progress. Smile. When they make errors, point them out one by one, and explain them the appropriate answer or way of solving a question. Help them overcome their anxieties. Speaking of student anxieties, let us see what makes students nervous in front of their tutors:

a) Low self-esteem: Some tutees feel that they might not be capable of achieving their academic objectives. For example, when I was in school, I often doubted if I could complete the Probability sums all by my own. I always had this feeling: I’m going to fail in my Math exam. But, my tutor made me feel better and guided me beautifully in this subject.

b) Afraid to express problems: Tutors must ensure that their students feel absolutely free to discuss their problem areas with them. For, unless that’s done, tutees will continue to perform badly in that particular topic or subject. If a tutee feels intimidated by you, talk it out with him. Make him feel comfortable and tell him, it’s okay to have doubts. And that it would help him become stronger at that subject.

c) Confused: You must be very clear about the goals of each of your tutorial session. Some tutees let their tutors know, what they exactly seek from the lessons. However, some others are dependent on the tutors to show them the path of progress. Therefore, tutors must

Learning is always a two-way process. So as tutors, it is your responsibility to know whether your tutees are being able to follow your instructions. Set achievable aims and don’t forget to ask for regular feedback from your tutees.

  • Discuss everything frankly: As I had mentioned earlier, always try to be free and frank while you direct discussions. For every session, make some bullet points regarding the progress of your tutee. For instance, you can list the achievements of your tutee who solved ten sums independently. Or, explained you a Physics experiment perfectly, that you had explained in the last tutoring session. Next, sum up his homework, for the next day, or the areas that needs more attention. If he made mistakes, explain him where he went wrong and how it can be rectified, very calmly, but firmly.

Here, you must keep a few things in mind:

a) Being friendly: If you are friendly with your student, and even crack a few jokes, you can win the trust of tutees instantly. And, they start relating to you. This bond of friendship removes their fears and anxieties. So, they don’t feel reluctant to share their academic setbacks with you.

b) Balance contributions: Too much lecture would certainly make it boring for tutees. That’s the reason why I had stressed on the importance of feedback in my first point. After explaining an idea to your tutee, ask him what he understood. Balance your lessons. Encourage your students to pay attention while you teach them. But, don’t get irritated if they become a bit restless. Remember, it’s normal for kids to be fidgety.

  • End your lessons with questions: Never ask your tutees closed-ended questions like, “Have I made myself clear today?”. Or, “Have you understood everything I taught you today”? Instead, ask them about the areas that seemed alien to them. You can also ask them that parts of the chapter they found most interesting, or what is the most difficult thing they learnt, etc. If the homework you assigned to your tutee is a bit tricky, discuss how they can be solved. Their feedback would help you know if you have succeeded in teaching them a new concept.

What if tutees refuse to contribute?

There are some students who are just not able to participate actively in their tutorials sessions. The reason is: some of them might be introverts or shy. I would suggest you don’t lose your cool with such tutees. Try to present your question in an altered way, or in an easier way, so that students are capable of understanding it. Give positive feedback, whenever they show signs of improvement in their vulnerable areas. Check if the task you have allotted for your tutee is manageable for him.

Evaluate yourself: Finally, it is time to assess yourself, how well you have tutored your tutee. Make a list of the following questions, and grade yourself honestly:

1) How many questions did I ask my student?
2) How was I able to handle my tutee’s doubts?
3) Was my tutee interested in my lesson?
4) Did I prepare myself for the tutorial session?
5) How well did I summarize the key points?
6) How well did I explain the homework?

If you follow all the tips I stated above, trust me, you are going to be a brilliant and successful tutor! And parents of your students would recommend you to many other learners. There are innumerable benefits of hiring efficient tutors. So, make yourself indispensable and be a tutor your students can rely on. All the best for your tuition sessions!

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