Top Fun Ways to Help Students Learn the Important Mathematical Concepts

Jul 28, 2021

Is mathematics the subject that you fear the most? Well, a majority of students fear mathematics as they find it too difficult. The lack of interest among the students often limits them from understanding different mathematical concepts. However, adding some fun elements can convert the boring subject into an interesting one. It will also help the students learn the mathematical concepts better. Making mathematics fun and enjoyable can be quite challenging. But there are a number of ways to make maths more engaging for the kids.

Are you wondering how to learn confusing and difficult math concepts in a fun way? Here are some of the best fun ways to learn the different mathematical concepts. Let’s take a look!

Play Board Games

Board games are always interesting and interactive for the kids. It is not only helpful in keeping the brain active but also can serve as a means to help your child learn mathematical concepts better. Board games involve a number of mathematical concepts. By playing the board games, your child will learn different concepts such as addition, subtraction, geometry, spatial relations, and more. In addition to understanding the mathematical concepts, your child will also develop relevant mathematics skills like problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Use Engaging Materials

In the classrooms usually, textbooks and other academic resources are used to teach different mathematical concepts to the students. However, students do not find the enthusiasm and motivation to learn in this way. To ensure that the student learns the mathematical concept better, make sure to leverage the entertaining and fun materials. For instance, if you are teaching the small students concepts of addition and subtraction, you can use the colored beads, chocolates, and snacks for better understanding.

Leverage Real Examples

In order to help the students learn the mathematical concepts in a fun way, you can take real examples of things, people, and even places. For instance, if you are teaching them the concepts of volume and area, you can take the example of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can ask them to explore this popular landmark over the internet. They can easily find the width and height online and calculate the measurements like volume and area. Moreover, through this example, they can also learn mathematical concepts like budget and expenses. All they need to do is imagine a trip to Pisa and calculate the potentials expenses by making a list of different costs. In this way, the student will not only learn the mathematical concepts better but also remember them for a long time.

Share Engaging Videos

Studies show that a significant percentage of individuals are visual learners. So, by sharing videos, you will not engage the students better but also enable them to strongly grasp the mathematics concepts. There are a number of educational videos available on YouTube and other online platforms. Make sure to choose the explanatory videos that cover the concepts in great detail for an in-depth understanding of the student. Through the use of engaging videos, students can learn different concepts starting from trigonometry to algebra, Pythagoras theorem, and more. However, this may not be possible every time in the classroom due to the shortage of time. You can recommend the apt videos and ask the child to watch them at home to get better at mathematics.

Take a Trip to the Favorite Destination

Taking a trip does not mean literally traveling to a place. You can simply ask your students to imagine going on a trip to a nearby favorite destination. You can then give them a situation like they have to reach the destination by 3 PM, and it is 90 miles away from the school. The students need to calculate the average speed at which they will have to travel and the time they need to start from school. Moreover, you also add a twist to the problem by stating that they may encounter traffic of 30 minutes and ask them how it will affect their trip. This will help the students learn the concepts of time, distance, and speed in an engaging way.

Link Mathematical Concepts with Sports

Sports involve points, scores, goals, runs, and more. So, it can be used as an excellent means of learning different mathematical concepts. Concepts like fractions and statistics are often difficult to understand by the students. However, if your student is a fan of sports, it can be easy for them to learn these concepts by linking them to sports. A simple example of this is you can tell your student that if a batsman is able to hit only one ball out of three balls, it is represented as ¼ in a fraction. With the use of sports, you can help the students learn mathematical concepts like probability.

Use Dice Games

Dice games are also an effective, fun way to help students learn concepts such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It can even be used in the classroom setting. You can ask your students to roll the dice a certain number of times and add the numbers they get each time. In addition to these simple games, dice can also be used to help the high school student learn the concept of probability.


In addition to the list mentioned above, you can also leverage the different apps available to help students learn the mathematical concepts better. While most students have a fear of mathematics, it is actually an interesting subject. The use of the right strategies and approaches can make it enjoyable for the students. Right from the board games to using real things, these are some of the best ways to understand the mathematics concepts better. However, while choosing the fun techniques of learning maths, it is important to consider the likes and interests of the students. This will help in capturing the attention of the students better and increasing their understanding. Good Luck and Happy Learning!

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