Top Five Problem-Solving Approach for Math And Coding Enthusiasts

Sep 26, 2020

Mathematics and coding are inherently linked to one another. In fact, coding has become a part of the fundamental literacy like reading and writing.

It will soon be expected of a student to know the basics of coding from a very early age. Hence, it’s always advisable for the kids to start early on this subject to benefit more in the long run.

But anyway, let’s not get into all that now. The topic of our article is actually based on a handful number of tricks and tips that students can follow to improve their programming arsenal, applying mathematical problem solving skills. Let’s get back to that.

1. Solve a real world problem

Similar to mathematics, programming is all about finding out solutions to real world problems.

So why don’t you practice solving real world problems to improve your critical problem-solving skills? A small step like that can go a long way indeed.

Here’s how you can do it in a simple step-by-step manner (I will explain this with an example for better comprehensibility):

Say for example you are playing a game of cricket with your friends. Your team is being given a target to chase. How would you handle a situation like that? How would you turn the problem into a part of your solution? Think, think, think!

Is a “run-a-ball” tactic enough to tackle the job at hand? Or do you have to go all in with all those sixes and fours to get your team to victory? The more you tackle problems like that, the more effective you’ll be in programming.

2. Organization is the key

Complex programs go page after page after page. It’s almost like they are in a never-ending loop.

How would you handle a complex task like that?

Most programmers try to do too much and within a short time resulting in disorganization which ultimately leads to failure.

Remember, organization is the key to programming. You need to break your tasks into small doable chunks to increase your efficiency and get the results in the long run.


  • Break your goal into small doable and realistic targets.
  • Maintain a realistic time frame.
  • Complete one job at a time.
  • Stay organized so that you can keep a tab on everything.
  • You’ll finish your job in no time.

3. Stress more on logic or the algorithm than the language itself

There are dozens of programming languages available in the market ranging from C to Java to Python and more. We even have dozens of programming frameworks such as PHP, Go, Ruby, Python etc.

But do you think earning a specific language matters the most in coding? Trust me, it doesn’t. Good programmers can learn them in matter of days provided they have a clear sense of logic and algorithm (which usually stays universal among all programming languages).

So stress more on logic, stress more algorithms. Do these religiously and you’ll be hitting that mark of perfection in no time.

4. Deadlines aren’t your friends especially when you are learning school level programming

Remember, you are young and are still learning. Learning isn’t a rat race. There’s should be no deadlines; nothing. If you put too much stress on yourself, it might come back to haunt you one day.

Learning at your own pace is more advisable so make sure you practice the same thing while studying school level programming. A small step like that can go a long way indeed.

5. Clear your doubts online

Have doubts? Want answers from credible sources? No problem! The internet can easily be your savior provided you have a working device and a connection to get on it.

Go to any knowledge sharing Q&A platform (our favorites are Quora and Stack exchange) on the internet and place your question on the forum (register first if you haven’t). Your question will be answered in no time by credible programmers who have tons of experience of the subject matter.

And the best thing about all that is that it won’t even cost you a dime. So what are you still waiting for?

So that’s pretty much it then. I hope you find these tips handy for your purpose. Goodbye and good luck!

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