15 of The Best YouTube Math Channels for Middle School Students

Jun 22, 2021

Testing, mid-year assessments, indoor recess, and more- this particular time of year can be very stressful and chaotic for the kids. With less time to plan and teach the kids, the utilization of YouTube match channels can be a great help for your kids. Well, it has been proved that YouTube is an ideal learning resource for children. No matter what the subject is, here you will find easy-to-understand information. Besides, this platform can help the school students in finding homework help and enhancing new mathematical skills. So, here are some of the best match channels on YouTube that you prefer to use.

1. Math Antics

Rob and Jeremy have created this channel to make learning mathematics easier for all. Most of the students struggle when it comes to solving mathematical problems, and parents need easy-to-understand tools to help their kids in this. The aim of the channel is to offer all the students engaging and simple math resources that will make the learning match joyful and interesting.

2. Numberphile

This channel publishes useful math videos for all ages. The best part is that they don’t follow a single format to present the mathematics. Students can learn different things about maths, rules, and more by watching the easy-to-understand videos that can range from 1to 30 minutes. You should have a look at this channel for some useful resources/

3. 3Blue1Brown

The videos that the channel publishes are designed for all ages and all levels. The videos are very entertaining as well as thought-provoking. You will find a math video with a combination of entertainment and math. As the things are explained through animations, students will be easy to understand the concept and solve different mathematical problems. The channel has more than 3.1M subscribers.

4. PatrickJMT

The publisher has been publishing math videos for all ages and levels since the year 2007. He mostly posts one video per week. The range of the video is around 10 to 30 minutes. But you can also find videos ranging from 40 to 60 minutes. While watching the videos, one can interact with Patrick and learn new things. Check out the channel now.

5. Mickal Launay

This is one of the most popular math channels on YouTube. Here you will find different types of videos about math that are interesting and students will love to watch. You will find logic games, manipulations, or chronicles around mathematics and math classes that are really helpful. Visit the channel now and start enhancing your mathematical skills.

6. Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo teaches mathematics at a public school in Australia’s Sydney. Besides, he is also a TV host and an author. He loves to share knowledge with others, and for that, he has created the YouTube channel. It may be noted that most of the videos are created for highs school students, and he generally prefers to present the mathematics on a whiteboard.

7. Tecmath

The best thing about this channel is it deploys different methods to make learning mathematics a little easier. Here students will learn different math tricks to get the result faster. The duration of the videos can range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes and super easy to understand.  One of the most popular videos of this channel is a square root in 3 seconds.

8. Professor Leonard

Well, this math channel is dedicated and designed to offer quality mathematics education to all students. Most of the videos are free to watch. So, visit the channel now and enjoy. You won’t face any issues to find videos as they are properly organized based on topics.

9. Stand-up maths

The author of this channel is famous for doing stan-up and mathematics simultaneously, and he prefers to teach math in a fun way. On this channel, you will find math videos for all ages, and the videos are based on different topics. The duration of the videos can range up to 30 minutes. Check this out now.

10. Elia Bombardelli

The channel is full of scientific experiments, mathematical videos, tutorials, and more. As per some experts, this can be a perfect destination for students who want to have a quick review before attaining their exam or test. This math channel covers different mathematics topics taught by experts. You will find this channel very helpful.

11. ProfRobBob

This is a place that has a massive collection of interesting and useful mathematics educational videos based on algebra 2, geometry, algebra, AP statistics, calculus, precalculus, and more. The author of this channel has done a BS in math and more than 18 years of experience in this. So, watch the videos now and complete your maths homework.

12. Mario’s math tutoring

The channel is created to make the process of learning math less challenging and stressful. Here you will find free math videos in Geometry, Algebra, ACT, SAT, PreAlgebra, and more. So, keep learning and attain success at math.

13. Math with Mr. J

This popular educational channel offers useful instructional videos as well as mastery checks. All the contents are carefully aligned with different math standards. Not just for students, this channel is also useful for parents and teachers.

14. Math & Learning Videos 4 kids

The channel offers useful learning and math videos that can effectively teach math and other learning concepts to elementary students and toddlers. They use 3D animation to make maths learning engaging and fun. Students can learn about place value, telling time, subtraction, addition, numbers, and more. Check out the channel now.

15. Mashup Math

Mashup Math can be your best online guide for learning maths. The math videos uploaded in this channel are useful for middle, high school, and elementary students. Well, mathematics is a challenging and difficult subject, and students need a guide. This channel is designed for that only. Students can access an extensive library of math videos. It also has math activities for parents and teachers.

So, these are some of the best math channels on YouTube that you can explore and learn mats in an easy way.

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