The Best Approach to Solving Math Problems

Feb 27, 2021

Like Math? Love Math? Or, do you simply hate Math? Well friends, like it or hate it, Math is one of those subjects that you simply cannot afford to ignore! Most schools make Math mandatory till the tenth standard. Moreover, the essence of Math is present in all the interesting subjects in the world such as Geography, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and so on. This clearly implies that you must make peace with Math before it wrecks your mental peace!

However, you can only be capable of doing so if you develop an intuition for Math. To start with, try and develop a positive attitude about this subject. Apart from being well acquainted with the basics, try and understand the logic behind any problem. Slowly, over a period of time, Math would stop being your worst nightmare.

Do not forget that this is also a subject that lets you score well if you solve the problems accurately. This makes it all the more important to thoroughly read a Math problem with maximum concentration and then try and solve it intelligently.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the top tricks to solve Math problems:

  • Identify your weakness: Know which area of Math ails you the most. For instance, is it Calculus or quadratic equations that seem the toughest for you to solve? Or for that matter, is it Trigonometry or Geometry that ruins your sleep at night? Identify your problem area(s) first and then search for effective solutions. Today, there are several apps that help you deal with Calculus. You can easily use them to your advantage and improve your Math performance in exams.
  • Review: Almost every Math chapter contains illustrated examples explaining how a particular formula is used to solve specific problems. Read up all the information you can find regarding the Math topic you are about to start working on. Go through the sample problems that are already solved in your textbook, just to give you an idea about how to proceed. Watch YouTube videos related to these problems and browse through reference material as well.
  • Start solving the problem: Once you have completed reviewing a particular Math chapter, it is time for you to start working on the problems associated with it. Read each problem carefully. You must know what information has been conveyed in each problem and what is it that you are expected to find out. Use your common sense to understand what a specific problem is all about and what kind of formula can be implemented to solve it.
  • Proceed step by step: How often have you tried to figure out Math problems mentally? While that is generally considered a good habit, you must not restrict yourself to it. When you read a problem, jot down the key points of information provided to you. Work it out in a step-by-step manner. While some students try and solve a problem mentally, it would perhaps be better to write down the solution instead.
  • Represent in different ways: You must already be aware of the fact that different Math problems can be solved by utilizing different ways. For instance, certain problems can be best solved by describing them in your own words. This is known as the ‘verbal’ technique. You can also draw diagrams to understand the situation that is referred to in your Math problem which is something that works best for visual learners. Another way to solve such problems is by drawing graphs using a graph-paper.
  • Check your solved problem: Revising your work is a must when it comes to Math. As you are working with numbers, you are more prone to making careless errors while solving problems. This is especially true when you are working on problems involving the decimal system, or currencies. Double-checking your work is a great tip to score well in Math. Never submit your work before ensuring that it is completely error-free from your end.
  • Use a calculator: Technology is meant to guide you in your academics. So, why not make good use of it? While I do agree that you just cannot avoid being dependent on calculators or other electronic gadgets for studying, there is no harm in employing them judiciously. At the same time, it is okay to use such gadgets while you attempt to work out tedious calculations. After all, a calculator would help you solve most problems, if not all.
  • Try mental Math: As I said, you can use calculators to solve certain problems. But, you can also try and complete certain calculations with your mind. I am talking about the problems where there is a scope of doing mental math. Practice doing this and you would soon realize how helpful it proves during your Math exams. You can save plenty of time and energy if you can work out certain calculations mentally.

These are just a few of the best tricks to enable you to solve Math problems swiftly and effectively. But, you must also bear in mind that Math is a subject that can only be mastered with regular and dedicated practice. And, of course, loads of patience and a positive approach.

Teachers can also motivate students to get rid of their Math phobia by taking a surprise test every week. This would keep students on their toes and compel them to revise whatever is being taught in their Math classroom sessions!


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