The 7 Surest Ways of Improving Your Math Grades

Jun 03, 2020

“How can you improve your math grades in the best possible manner?”

To be honest, the above question can be answered in a single sentence. So here you go- “Practice, practice and more practice is the only way through which you can.”

Yeah, thorough practice sessions are the only ways through which you might be able to up your performance in mathematics. But you must remember that hard word won’t do you much good unless and until you compliment the same with a little bit of smart work.

So here’s a list of a few math preparation tips for you that combines both hard and smart work in a single go; a trait that can benefit you a lot in the long run.

1. While in an online math class or webinar, listen as closely as possible and note down KEY points for further reference

If you are learning a new topic (either in an online math class or on your own), it’s necessary for you to take down key points on a SEPARATE sheet of paper (preferably a notebook that you should reserve just for this purpose of yours, so that you can easily refer to it in future as per your requirements).

If you are in class, listen closely to the lecture, jot down key points (in the same notebook), and keep the notebook close so that you can refer to it easily during your doubt clearing sessions with your teacher. Implement the same tactic while learning something new on your own. This practice can go a long way indeed.

2. Involve yourself

Mathematics isn’t a subject that can be mastered well via the contemporary audio-visual ways. It needs to be DONE through the traditional ways (i.e. scribbling down the sums on a piece of paper and then, coming to a stepwise solution) to perform well in the long run.

You need to remember that this is subject that cannot be mastered through reading and memorizations. You need to involve yourself. You need to practice. That’s the only way through which you might be able to up your grades in the subject.

3. DO NOT suppress your doubts

Got a doubt? Your priority should be to clear it up on the spot itself. Your online math tutor can help.

DO NOT ever nurse thoughts like “This one’s too hard. Maybe, it won’t come in the exams.” If you think in this manner and skip those sums consistently, your scores are definitely going to go down the drain either today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

4. Your math homework should be seen as a part of your priority

If you start neglecting your math homework, you will surely see the negative consequences on the day of your exams.

There’s an easy solution. Design a study routine and reserve a special spot on the same for your assignments. Stick to it to the best of your abilities. Do your assignments on time, and you will see the results in no time.

5. Look for patterns in problems

So you have applied your logic and have successfully solved a numerical problem. That’s great! Now go to the next one. And try to solve the same by applying your very own logic to the best of your abilities.

Done? GREAT!

Now get back to the two problems again and look for a pattern. Do you find anything common between the two? It can be anything; say, a formula or a specific step or a certain piece of logic…anything!

Such patterns can help you a lot in solving math problems related to the same topic. As a result, you will be faster and more efficient.

6. Teach

Teaching is another form of learning. It can heavily improve your math grades if you can turn this practice into a habit of yours.

We are definitely not asking you to teach like a professional (although you can do that if you want) but you can easily help your brother or sister out in his/her math assignment; can’t you? A practice like that can go a long way indeed.

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7. Take the aid of technology

Plenty of math apps and games are available in the market today that can come in handy for your math practice.

Use them to your advantage.

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So that’s it then. Hope the tips mentioned above come in handy for your math preparations.

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