The Inherent Connection Between Mathematics And Other Subjects In Life

Jun 08, 2020

Mathematics is considered the bed rock of science. Hence, it’s natural for STEM subjects to have an inherent connection to this subject.

But mathematics is not limited to science and other principle subjects of STEM education. Mathematics is everywhere. Mathematics is virtually a network that has extended its branches to almost every other subject in life.

The subject may look pretty abstract from the hindsight but its importance can never be ignored. This article will highlight the various connections of Mathematics in daily life and education including subjects that are beyond the scope of science. Let’s start our journey through the math network.

Mathematics and Computers

Mathematics promotes critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities in students. Both of these capabilities are considered the backbone of computer programming.

We can also provide you with an example that has a more direct connection with mathematics like Boolean algebra. Such concept blends mathematics with computer science. Boolean algebra’s an important computer concept based on only 2 digits (0 and 1) involving a number of simple arithmetic operations with minor change in the process. Hence, it can be said that mathematics serves to be the base of Boolean algebra.

Mathematics and Science

This is the most obvious connection of all. Like we said before, mathematics is the bed rock of science. Each and every fields of science incorporate math concepts in their problems be it Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Electronics etc.

How can you find out the acceleration of the car without the application of mathematics? How can you find out the atomic mass without the application of mathematics? The answer to that would be “Impossible!” and we agree to the same.

Mathematics and Geography

If you have to find out the area of a region on a topographic map using the scale provided on it, you have to implement certain concepts of ratio and proportion to come to the solution, not to mention the arithmetic operations and the operations involved in the calculation of an area on a graph. What about finding the grid coordinates on the same map?

Say, you are given a location for which you have to calculate the correct grid coordinates. You apply the concepts of coordinate geometry to find out the same; a part and parcel of mathematics. So you see that mathematics is very much involved in geography.

Mathematics and Sports

Mathematics has a strong influence on sports epically when the discussion is based on the topic of game statistics. Let’s take the example of “ball possession”, “passing accuracy”, “shooting accuracy” etc. in football. How do you think that the percentage in the above cases is calculated and compared? Surely, it’s done through the application of mathematics.

The DSC (Diagonal System of Control) in football is completely based on mathematics. The ball pitching representation in cricket (good, full, short) is also made by implementing various math concepts. Similarly, many other sports and games incorporate the concept of mathematics to calculate game/match statistics, winning probabilities and designing team formations and so on.

Mathematics and Art

Draw a figure on a piece of paper; say a house or a tree. That figure may be complex but it can be broken down into a number of simpler geometric figures that are actually known to you. For example if you draw a thatched roof, you’ll see that it’s taking the resemblance of a triangle. Similarly, you’ll probably see rectangles, squares in the same sketch. What are these figures?

These figures are a part and parcel of geometry, an important topic of mathematics. Even a line that’s drawn by you (straight or curved) is a part of geometry. In fact, the letters that you are reading on this article are consists of a number of lines and segments; geometry isn’t it? Hope we got our point across.

Mathematics and Daily Life

This is a huge topic. Even an entire book will not be enough to cover each and every influence of mathematics in daily life. We’ll just provide you with some examples that’ll specifically interest children. Image the scenario of a shopping market. You are there with your kids. What would be the most important factor while you are on your shopping quest?

The prices and discounts.

So, why don’t you engage your kids to calculate the prices of the goods after applying the mentioned discounts? There’ll be a prize as well, say chocolate (just a figure of speech) for a successful calculation. That would surely highlight our point to a certain extent. Similarly, there are many other examples where mathematics is applied extensively in our regular daily routine. We are accustomed to it so much that we fail to recognize it at a moment’s notice. If possible, try to point them out to children. That will benefit them in the long run and might also develop an affinity for mathematics in them.

Mathematics is considered a career-shaping subject since its importance is there in almost every field of education.

After-school online math classes can be a fun and interactive way of teaching math to children. An important point to remember is that math should not be taught in a process-oriented manner. The underlying logic should be clear to the students. That would certainly help them in the long run.

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