How to Develop an Intuition for Mathematics

Jan 04, 2021

But love it or hate it, you just cannot ignore it! For Math is compulsory at least till your class 10 board exams, in most educational institutions. So students, the only choice you have is to start getting better and better in this subject.

As you already know, there is no shortcut to success or perfection in any field. The most powerful mantra for achieving success in Math is practicing more. And, understanding each concept thoroughly. If your foundations are strong, none can check your progress in this seemingly intimidating subject!

But, does that mean you must spend the entire day working on Math problems? Of course you can do Maths if you are impressed by it. However, there is no hard and fast rule for it. All you require is a good intuition for Math to score high grades in it. Because, the truth is, Math is intrinsically linked to almost each and every aspect of our lives – be it shopping, driving, cooking, etc.

There are several TED talks on Math that can assist you in developing a good intuition for Math. Let me add some more tips regarding the same:

  • Start thinking about Math: You must learn to love Math from a tender age, say around four years of age. Parents can encourage their kids to play with toys that help them reason logically. For instance, gift them toys in various shapes like rectangles, squares, cubes and circles. This helps them know different shapes and identify their three-dimensional appearances. You can also let them play with puzzles and other games that make them count numbers, add and subtract. Ask your child to count the number of vegetables once you bring them home.
  • Network with Math-lovers: A good way to build a strong intuition for Math is to make friends with students who love Math. It has several advantages. If your friend is skilled in this subject, he can guide you in certain areas that you might find tough. Explaining problems is a simpler technique ensures you grasp the concept completely. Moreover, interacting with people who succeed in Math would also inspire you to practise more. It would make you more aware about your knowledge in Math as compared to your friend.
  • Participate in your school’s Math classes: Be an active participant in the Math periods in your school. Whenever you stumble against a particular problem or step, always approach your teacher. And try to follow her as she explains you the problem. Don’t be reluctant to confess to your teacher if you are yet to understand the concept. And, when you are assigned homework, don’t stop after finishing the sums you were supposed to complete. Instead, try to solve as many Math problems as you can. It would help you get smarter in the subject.
  • Know the tricks: Some students hardly take a minute to solve mental Math problems. Are you wondering how that is possible? Well, even you can do it my friends. You just need to be familiar with some of the most common tricks for speedy Mathematical calculations. For instance, you can easily multiply two-digit numbers with the number 11. If you need to multiply 48 x 11, first add the two digits (4 + 8 = 12). Now, place this number (12) in the middle of the original number, that gives you 4128. But since the sum of the digits exceed 10, you must carry it over. You get 528. Check the calculator! You’ll get the same result.
  • Be competitive: Make it a habit to take part in several Math competitions in your school inter-school contests and others. Look up the Internet to gain access to various sample question papers and mock tests. These would help you prepare for tests like Math Olympiads on national and international levels. Appearing in such important competitions would present a diverse kind of Math problems to you. Solving them makes you an expert in Math. In addition, if you win the Olympiads, you would be entitled to fellowships in prestigious universities.
  • Install mobile apps: Make the best use of technology to build a strong base in Math. There are numerous applications available today that can be installed in smartphones, cellphones, tablets and iPads. They go a long way in helping you develop a Mathematical intuition. You can learn Math with apps like PhotoMath, Operation Math, Tally Tots, to name a few. Using these interesting apps is quite convenient for students as one can brush up his Math skills even on the move. Different apps focus on different kinds of Math topics. So choose the one that appeals to you the most.

So, make the most of your learning experience to grow stronger in Math. As I have already mentioned earlier, you just need to have some great intuitive powers in this subjects to know it well. And, remember one thing students: you must start developing this intuition since your childhood. Are you ready to conquer this subject now, friends? Wishing you all the very best for your journey to mastering Math!

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