4 Ways Students Can Get Better at Math

Dec 17, 2020

Mathematics is a crucial subject both for the academics as well as for the real world. It not only opens up a plethora of career opportunities but also helps the student to develop problem-solving skills which can be used by them for the rest of their lives. However, most of the students, often at a young age develop a dislike towards the subject. This later on for a few of them turns into a phobia.

The student’s right from a very early age need to be taught strategically so that they can understand things in a better way. Mathematics isn’t a complex subject as is often thought to be. Listed below are a few strategies which if followed can help a student to score better in mathematics.

1. Writing down the Workings

This is a rather basic thing but, is an important rule when you are doing the math. Writing down the workings would help you to understand the complex questions in a better way and then break them down into steps that make sense. This would help you cut down on the careless mistakes and thereby score better.
It is often seen that most of the students try and guess the answer to the question in their head which at times can turn out to be wrong. Also, the teachers when they see the workings might just provide partial credit even when the answer is wrong.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

As it is said, practice makes a man perfect. Continuous practice would help you to understand the concept in a better way and therefore solve them more easily in the examination. You, of course, do not need to practice all day long or replace you entire weekend plan with practice mathematics questions. All you need to do is while solving your homework, take up more question of the same kind and see if you can solve them too.

You can ask your teachers to provide you some additional questions (preferably some of the tricky ones) that you can solve or buy books with question papers of previous years. This would make you more confident, and this way you can score better in the examination.

3. Put More Focus on the Question That You Find Difficult

It is quite common to feel frustrated if you cannot solve a question even after trying for a couple of times. This might seem counter-intuitive but, by focusing on the questions that you find difficult, you might have the greatest benefit. If you want to improve your mathematics skills, you need to target your weaknesses and then work on them. often students avoid the concepts that they find difficult to understand but more and more energy and focus should be put into these areas.

To score better marks, you need to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Take up a question that you find difficult and set a time limit. Take help from reference books or ask your teachers and then solve several questions of the similar type to get a hold of the concept. Group studies are also a great way to study wherein you can ask your friends if you something difficulty and help each other understand things in a better way.

4. Don’t Feel Anxious or Nervous

When solving mathematics problems try to do it carefully. The biggest problem with the kids is that they often rush into solving the questions and that more than often leads to mistakes. This becomes especially true with assignments that are timed. Some students feel absolutely comfortable with solving the problems at home but get nervous when they have to do the same in the test.

This happens because the child gets anxious. This is why the students should be motivated and they should be made to think that the test too is just like the homework. The students need to try and get the fear out of their mind so as to focus on the test completely.

Other than all of the above, the education system should motivate the children and foster their creativity. Each child is unique and each of them has their own learning capabilities. By following all of the above strategies, a student would undoubtedly be able to score better.

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