Can Higher Level Mathematics Benefit Students in Lower Standards?

Nov 19, 2020

Mathematics - One of the crucial subject that passes through every student’s life. One needs to pass the exam to get promoted to the higher standard. Some are excellent while some are, well, not so good.

Basic math calculation is a necessity in life. One needs to learn how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The education authorities are concentrating on changing the prevalent mode of mathematics in the schools and colleges. The curriculum has been modified incorporating specific higher graded equations in the lower classrooms.

Certain confusions are created:

Often, the teachers are unaware of the reason for teaching the higher level of math to the small kids. They even lack the knowledge of the changed curriculum of other subjects. They just act blindfolded as per the syllabus.

It creates hesitancy to the learners as they don’t know why they are getting desperate lessons in the class.

Many mathematicians have argued over the standard of conventional core math at the school level. According to some, the syllabus is to too dense, while some doubt that it is not fit to prepare the students for the college level. Another set of critics proclaimed that the current standard flunk to address the student’s needs.

The common view possesses dual concepts. The students who are stronger in the calculative aspects can do better with the higher level of math as we can see in the Hollywood movie “Hidden Figures.” What about those learners who are expert in the subjects that are not math? They will eventually face criticality in problem-solving that will provide them bad grades. It can lead to distress that will trigger the tendency to avoid the subject altogether.

It is sensible to mix and match keeping both ends satisfied. The fusion of both inherent and hard problems should be the answer. The teachers must take care of the mathematical aspects of the students from the initiation. A strong base is vital. Otherwise he/she will suffer in the higher classes.

Focus on specific topics

In-depth evaluation is mandatory. The math professors must narrow and deepen the method of spending time and energy in the classroom. There must be options to score well as per the excellence. Some youngsters are good in algebra, while some in geometry, and the rest in arithmetic. Equal opportunity must be provided to everybody through the demarcation of the segments.

The default teaching mode

It is surveyed that mathematicians are not needed to boost teacher training in the sphere of higher education. For effective teaching, knowing basic math is required, but not obligatory. The most remarkable thing is to engage the students in the subject. Boring and annoying problem-solving classes won’t do the needful. If the authorities wish to integrate some high-level sums, they need to make the lessons entertaining and interactive by various methods to keep the little souls concentrate.

Organize a question-answer session with the learners

Students have a lot of queries regarding the math problems. Ask the students to raise questions. Divide the main topics into subtopics and let them find their queries. After the issues have been prepared, spread each of them to the whole class and tell them to participate. Many pupils will give answers that may be wrong. Solve the errors through breaking the equation into smaller parts putting each minute section into the child’s brains. If any student gives the correct answer, ask him/her to explain it on the board.

Google it

A bit of high ranged maths is not a problem in the contemporary curriculum as Google has provided the students with broader exposure to everything.


Do special projects for the students that involve mathematics. A higher standard of maths in lower classes give the youngsters an excellent exposure to the futuristic calculative semblances that will help the upcoming doctors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, traders, etc.

With more jobs related to the math background are emerging, it is necessary to prepare the adequate workforce for the economy generation. Therefore, some observers have given a thumb up to the syllabus upgradations. If a small kid gets the knowledge of what he/she is going to get in future for his/her benefit from early age step by step, it will help him/her to cope with the higher studies. But with proper ornamentation and the facility, the school governing bodies need to ameliorate the course of studies.

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