Gravity: Is It A Fact or Just A Theory?

Jan 22, 2021

The Universal Theory of Gravity is typically taught in schools in the form of a fact, which is actually incorrect.

To be honest, the Universal Theory of Gravity is not even a decent theory, let alone a fact. The main controversy with this theory is the use of the word- “universal.” This is because the laws of gravity are not applicable in a universal sense. Let’s go through a few reasons for which we agree to the fact.

Firstly, we would bring up the topic of atoms and stars etc. No one, we repeat no one has measured gravity for each and every atom and star. It’s, therefore, simply a belief that the theory is “universal.”

Secondly, there’s another false statement commonly highlighted in school textbooks. It goes something like “the moon goes around the earth.” If the theory of gravitation is universally true, it can be said that the gravitational force of the sun on the moon is much stronger than that of the earth.  Therefore, according to the theory, the moon goes around the sun rather than the earth.

Thirdly, the existence of tides is often considered as an excellent proof of gravity. This statement is also logically flawed. This is because if the “gravity” of the moon were responsible for a bulge underneath it, how can one explain the occurrence of another high tide on the opposite side of the earth? One should observe that there isn’t one, but TWO high tides every day.

Our fourth point is the contradiction between the universal theory of gravity and the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The theory of gravitation suggests that the planets move in an orderly manner. That statement is a complete contradiction of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. As per the 2nd law of thermodynamics, orderly orbits aren’t possible.

The 5th point is largely dependent on anti-gravity. The US Patent Office hasn’t ever issue an antigravity patent. Do you know why? According to natural law, everything should exist in opposites like good-bad, positive- negative, positive charge- negative charge etc. Anti-gravity papers aren’t usually accepted because the law of gravity itself is seriously flawed. So if the law of gravity is at fault, then it can be presumed that its opposite is also flawed to a certain extent.

The Universal theory of gravitation is also a direct violation of common sense. This is our sixth point. Can you explain the reason as to why airplanes do not fall purely from the point of view of gravity/anti gravity? Do remember that the concept of anti gravity is considered a myth and is rejected by many scientific establishments.

To sum up, we’ll have to say that the Theory of Universal Gravity isn’t a very attractive theory. The entire theory is based on borderline proofs. There are many serious gaps in the theory and hence we would like to say that the Universal Theory of gravitation is NOT a fact. It’s a theory; an important theory nonetheless. With that we’ll bring this article to a close. Hope you had a good read.

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