Why Should You Gift a Lego Set To Your Child In The UAE To Improve His / Her Problem Solving Skills?

Aug 12, 2020

At some point in our lives, we've all played with or seen Lego.

Perhaps you had it as a child, or your child has it now. Over the years, Lego has started to add more and more – from themed packs such as City and Ninjago to the famous lines like Bionicles and Duplo – there is something for everyone.

Other favorite Lego items include bedside lights in the shape of Lego characters, keychains, and lucky packs of Lego characters. With the rise in popularity of video games, there is a very broad spectrum of Lego games available on the Sony Play Station – children may enjoy playing with the figurines and likewise feel a familiarity in playing with those same characters in a video game. Some examples would be Batman, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones – these titles are very popular, with new games and Lego sets coming out regularly, there is a wide variety to choose from.

One of the best things about Lego is that it can come in small sets, which usually includes one figurine and a handful of related blocks, or the larger sets, which would include a sort of vehicle or building.

The Academic perspective

From an academic perspective, most science and math tutors in the UAE recommends after-school activities with LEGOs to build up critical problem solving skills that can go a long way in shaping a student’s career.

For those who are more creative or like to work with free forms and free ideas, a large box of Lego might be a better gift! The possibilities are endless, and Lego lovers can play around with different shapes and colors.

The different LEGO sets

One set in particular that is fascinating is the Creative set – where you can build up to 3 different designs with 1 set of Lego – for example, a T-rex, a race car and a fighter jet, all from one set! For younger Lego lovers there is a wider range of Lego sets available, such as Frozen and other themed sets such as pirates, fairies and the Friends set which includes a lot of wildlife and hobby themed sets.

For the even younger market is the Duplo range – very similar to regular Lego except that the Lego pieces are much larger chunky sized blocks that are less likely to be swallowed. This range also has a lot of characters, different sizes, and appearances, likewise for animals which means it can be a great learning tool for younger children because the bright colors and simple shapes will be something they will be more excited to play with.

One last gift to consider – which is not necessarily actual Lego blocks – is Lego themed objects. Because Lego is an easily recognizable brand, to have something as simple as a coaster or desk organizer that is Lego themed is enough for a Lego lover as they can incorporate their love of Lego into their daily lives. Some other favorite items include Lego slippers, ice cube trays, a build on Lego mug – where you can build with Lego blocks on your mug – or a Lego drinking bottle!

To sum up…

The list is endless, so whether you're looking for something small to show off your love, or something massive to build – for a Lego lover you will always find a gift for them. You always need to take into consideration what kind of person they are; an older person may not have the time to put together a large building, but perhaps a Lego bedside lamp is enough for them to embrace their love of Lego.

Some people may prefer something more guided, such as the Lego video games, where there is an end goal intended – unlike the blocks which have endless possibilities. For enthusiasts, being able to collect every set released for a particular range is very important and an invaluable gift if you can contribute towards their growing collection. For younger children, the more variety they have, the more fun they can have! Their imagination is the limit.

Other Lego branded items like slippers, kitchen goods like mugs, utensils, and ice trays are some more quirky, interesting things that a Lego lover would definitely appreciate and find useful and practical. Duplo is a great toy to start a little one's learning on Lego,  with many shapes, colors, and sizes. There is a Lego product for people of all ages and interests.

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