5 Ways To Develop An Interest In Mathematics From Your Daily Life Routines

Aug 04, 2021

Is maths the subject that your child fears the most? Well, a number of students have a perception that maths is a boring and challenging subject. It is mainly due to failing to understand the key concept of mathematics and being unable to solve the problems. However, once you really understand and master the concepts, you are sure to enjoy doing mathematics. There are plenty of ways to make mathematics interesting for the students. One of the best ways is to make them learn mathematical concepts through real-life examples and circumstances. Maths is present almost everywhere. Whether you are playing, cooking, or shopping, you are likely to come across some kind of mathematical concept.

Are you willing to enhance the interest of your child in mathematics through daily life activities? Here are the 5 best ways to make maths interesting for children. Let’s dive in!


Most children are fond of traveling and having fun. Even if it is a short distance, they love to travel. You can leverage this opportunity to enhance the mathematics skills of your child and help him/her understand concepts like speed, distance, and time. In order to understand how exactly you can teach maths to your child by traveling, let’s take an example. For instance, you are traveling a long distance from point A to point B. During your journey, it is quite obvious that you will come across a number of milestones. Ask your children to note the distance written on the milestones and keep adding them until you reach your destination.

It will help them gain an idea of the total distance from the starting point to the endpoint.

Next, you can teach your child the mathematical concept of time. In order to calculate the time, you can tell your child to use the distance information, see the speed on the speedometer of the car, and put the right formula to get the value. Through this approach, your child is sure to understand the concepts better while enjoying the process. This will ultimately make mathematics interesting for the children.


Shopping is another activity that the children enjoy a lot. Well, this activity is also one of the ways to make your child take more interest in mathematics. Let’s discover how you can use shopping as a tool for learning mathematics better. While you are in the supermarket, your children are likely to pick up products like chocolate bars, cakes, and other delicacies. Ask them to add up the prices of the products and subtract the discounts to reach the final price you need to pay. Calculating discounts can help your child understand the concept of discounts better. Once your child makes the calculation correctly, you can reward him/her with some extra chocolate bars to encourage more.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games can also be an interesting way to effectively help your child learn the interesting concepts of mathematics. A number of sporting activities and outdoor games involve some kind of mathematical concept. One of the best outdoor games to develop an interest in maths is cricket. When your child’s team is batting, ask them to keep track and calculate the runs scored in the inning.
Similarly, when your child’s team is bowling, ask to calculate the number of balls remaining in particular over. These activities can help your child learn arithmetic operations and develop an interest in the subject. However, if your child does not like playing cricket, you can teach him mathematics through other sports such as tennis and football.


Measurement is a common activity that you engage in on a regular basis. Whether you measure the weight, length, or height of an object, it can provide an opportunity to make maths interesting for your child. While measuring different items at home or a grocery shop, you can make your child familiar with the different measurement units. For instance, if you measure sugar or rice at home using a weight machine, ask your child to read the weight on the machine. If the unit is Kg, you can ask him to convert it into grams. You can try similar approaches while measuring height and length too.

Time Management

Time management is one of the important concepts that your child can easily learn at home. Ask your child to make an estimation of the total time taken to complete a particular task. You can even provide the children with a time frame and ask them to complete their tasks within that time. It will help them understand effective time management. They may even learn to break the complex tasks into smaller tasks and save more time.


Developing an interest in maths through daily activities is quite easy. All you need to do is utilize the opportunities and help your child understand the mathematical concepts. So, next time you travel somewhere or go out shopping with your children, make sure to teach them the maths lessons and make the best use of time.

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