6 of The Best Free Apps for SAT Math Preparation

Feb 22, 2021

A good SAT score can open doors to quality college admissions, scholarships, and a few more honors. Thankfully, with the easy availability of technology today, quality test preparation doesn’t always have to be limited to the ones who can afford it. The following free apps can also help.

1. ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep

Available on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS device downloads.

The ACT flashcards app will help you study for the ACT or the SAT by teaching you key concepts through the aid of digital flashcards. If you are a serious SAT aspirant, this is an essential tool for you.

The app includes:

  • The new SAT math
  • ACT math
  • ACT science
  • Basics of English such as Vocabulary and Grammar.

Note: If you want a more comprehensive approach towards SAT and ACT preparation, you may visit magoosh.com to find out more about their online courses. They have more than 700 Math, Reading, Writing, and Science practice questions coupled with 200 more Math and other subject video lessons.

2. Khan Academy

Available on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS device downloads.

The Khan Academy app allows you to learn virtually anything for free.

Key features include:

  • Learn ANYTHING for free. More than 10,000 lesson videos and explanations based on math, economics, science, history, and many more subjects right at your fingertips.
  • More than 40,000 practices questions included with feedback on the spot and step-by-step hints.
  • Easy browsing.
  • Offline functionality.

So what are you still waiting for? It doesn’t even cost a dime.

3. The Grading Game

Available on iTunes for iOS device downloads.

The Grading game might seem like an oddball selection for the ACT or SAT preparation, but the format of this game (which invites players to pencil out a host of errors in sample essays) is a perfect match for the format of the new SAT Writing examination.

The Grading game comes with hundreds of unique topics ranging from the internet culture to history, to ramen noodles.

Key features include:

  • The arcade “quickplay” mode for a random selection of content.
  • The “career” mode from undergrad to doctoral level.
  • The “practice” mode for honing your skills.
  • 12 free levels.

4. Daily Practice for the New SAT

Available on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS device downloads.

With hundreds of questions and breakthrough technology, the Daily SAT Practice app can help you get ready for the new SAT whenever you want, wherever you are - for FREE!

Key features include:

  • The SAT question of the day.
  • Exclusive official content updated every day.
  • Optional hints and explanations to improve your performance, on the whole.
  • Instance scores and feedback on practice tests.

Extra features:

  • Personalized progress tracker.
  • Seamless integration with the official Khan Academy SAT practice for a more personalized user experience.
  • Easy access to important SAT dates and registration deadlines.

5. Ready4 SAT

Available on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS device downloads.

The Ready4 Sat app can help you learn critical SAT concepts with the aid of detailed flashcards and a practice set of questions. The app can also help you track your performance allowing you to pencil out your weaknesses and transforming them into a part of your strengths ASAP.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive step-by-step SAT lessons.
  • More than 1,000 SAT questions accompanied by detailed answer explanations.
  • 100+ flashcards with bookmarking feature for further review.
  • Performance tracker with in-app analytics.
  • Customizable tests to suit all your requirements.
  • Engaging question of the day.
  • SAT School Matcher: Find the perfect SAT school based on your preference and SAT score at the mere tap of your fingers.  

6. Math Brain Booster Games

Available on iTunes for iOS device downloads.

Mental math is an essential part of SAT examination, and this app can help you with that in a whole new manner.
The Math Brain Booster app can help to improve your attention span, mental sharpness, and reaction time by challenging you to solve various arithmetical tasks within a prescribed time limit. Key features include:

  • “Boost mode” for important exam preparations like the SAT or the ACT.
  • Math tables for math basics.
  • "Reminder” option for next sessions.
  • Easy sharing on social media.

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