5 Tips to Reduce Auditory And Visual Distractions During Mathematics Practice

Jan 22, 2021

Whether you are an adult or a child, distractions are more common than what you might imagine. It’s true that it is definitely not the biggest of all issues around, but at the same time, you should also be aware of the fact that it is capable of hampering productivity (a lot) if it happens more often than not.

Therefore, you, as a student, should strive hard to keep auditory and visual distractions down to the bare minimum for your own personal gain. The following tips can help.

1. Keep the number of external distractions down   

These external distractions are the ones that can be controlled by us. So make sure you keep these issues at bay at the time of your studies.

  • Keep your phone away or put it to silent [Very important!]. Yes, this might appear a bit difficult at the start, but with constant perseverance and determination, you will be able to do this in no time.
  • Keep the urge of browsing social media at bay. There’s a later time and a subsequent place for that; NOT at the time of your studies.
  • Do not click selfies at the time of your studies. It would not help you a lot in the long run.
  • Keep your study space clean and free of any clutter to avoid distractions.  

2. Invest money in a decent pair of noise cancellation headphones

You may not have the power to control the amount of noise in your surroundings, but you do have the power to isolate yourself from the same. A good pair of noise-cancellation headphones can help. Use them.

Note: Soft instrumental music (with NO lyrics) can also help you focus more on your practice. So make a comprehensive playlist of instrumental music and listen to them (via your noise-cancellation headphones and iPod; NOT phones or tabs) at the time of your studies. It will do you more good than harm in the long run.

N.B. AVOID listening to high tempo music (with lyrics) at the time of your studies. They are distracting enough and can simultaneously have a destructive effect on your preparations, on the whole.

3. Take short and productive study breaks

Sometimes, the situation can get too stuffy to your liking such that you cannot concentrate on the task at hand, no matter what you do.

In such a situation, avoid putting too much stress on yourself and take a short break from the monotonous routine for your own good. Here are a few tips as to how you can take the best study breaks between sessions:

  • Take a walk. Fresh air can work wonders.
  • Take a power snack break. Food refreshes things up for sure. [Avoid eating junk food though.]
  • Take a power nap.
  • Meditate.
  • Organize your study space.
  • Pursue your hobby like paint, sing, play guitar, and so on.

4. Plan your lessons well

Many students don’t even know what the syllabus is. They don’t know where to start and where to end. As a result, they get up from their studies more often than not to refer to the syllabus time and time again. Result: “Distraction.”

It’s therefore advisable to plan your day in advance. Ask yourself these questions first:

What topic will you study today?
Do you know your syllabus well?
Do you have all the required resources to get into the topic (like all the required text books, notes, and other study materials)?

Start your session only if you have a positive answer to the three questions highlighted above.

5. Practice cognitive exercises

Cognitive exercises can help to improve the functioning of your brain for good. They can also help to improve your concentration and attention to the task at hand.

Simple activities like solving puzzles, reading, writing, playing chess, etc. can also help a lot in this purpose of yours.

A final word…

Distractions aren’t something that can be taken for granted. They can definitely hamper your studies for the worst in case you don’t take ample measures to nip the issue in the bud. The tips mentioned above can definitely come in handy for this purpose of yours. With that, we’ll bring this article to a close for now. Hope you had a good read.

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